Seek, Know, and Hear


Seek the whisper of the Master
in world where shouting is a norm.
Get to know the Truth about Life
in world where illusion is a truth.
Once you hear Him, Live in holiness
in a world where people will die for happiness.

John 14:6 [English Standard Version]
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


Feelings Fade & Flowers Die


So what is love?

It is like..
An abused word.
In a broken world.

It is like..
Felt when one’s own feelings are temporarily satisfied.
Spoken with flattery words by a person who is blind of the downside.
Just like when a bouquet was given and you felt like you’re in for the ride
But after a week, all of its flowers along with the feelings, died.
The bankruptcy of this “love” defined by men is so shallowly justified.

So what then is Love?

It is absolutely
from The Word.
It comes from The Lord.

It isn’t even a feeling!
Because it is an act of self-sacrifice.
Having unfathomable will to pay the price
In order for others to experience life as a slice.
Love can easily be “said” twice
But true love is “done” more than thrice

…And it can only be made possible by the power of Christ.

And with a gentle tone I say:
If you know that True Love is from the Lord
Do you even read His Word?

Book review [10/10]: Spectacular Sins: And Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ

“Wimpy worldviews make wimpy Christians”

-John Piper

Spectacular Sins

This book has been and will be the worldview I will be holding regarding a specific subject to which we all have controversial questions with: sin. I was a new Christian when I bought this and this was the first Christian book I ever read and I cannot thank God more that it was the first book He allowed me to read. This may just be the reason why I decided that this book should be the first in line for my book reviews in my blog. As a new Christian back then, I took this book because the title has caught my attention since I had the question “How can a perfectly good God allow horrible events to fold?” before I even stumble to this book. One of the reasons why I bought this book is because the title made me think “Is there really something spectacular about sin?”. It has indeed answered a lot of questions to which I had ever since I was in grade school. This is why I love this book because it is not afraid of the questions (e.g.”Where was God when x event happened?”) to which we all fear be thrown to us if we stand in the Christian faith. If we fail to answer the questions that lingers in this current generation, we will fail to stand up for our Christian convictions and in the long run, our faith will surely be just for wimps.

Rating: 10/10

I am giving this book a perfect rating. I believe this book will make an impact to every Christian that is willing to grow more in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. It lives up to stay away from being a “wimpy” Christian and to answer the hard questions in light of God’s Word (and not human philosophy). It is a thoughtful book as well. Piper himself will honestly say that though the book has answered a lot of our questions, there will be those that cannot be answered. His humility spoke to me time and again that I am not omniscient like our God and I praise God that He is and I am not. With this: I learned that though His Word can answer the fundamental questions we humans have, it intentionally tells me that there are questions it leaves unanswered so as to tell me that I am in need to submit to God Himself and His wisdom alone.

Will I recommend it?

Definitely YES. To whom? To every fellow brother and sister in the faith. I will also recommend this to skeptical people (Christian or non-Christian). The Lord has truly used Piper to give His people the right knowledge of who He is and His sovereignty over all things.

The Sheep that wandered


 “There he is again…

…away from my herd.

With his heart so devoted to stray away from the way who he never knew he needed to seek.

He turns around to peek at me at times he needed joy and prosperity to prevail in his life and he only comes back when he exhausts himself.

All of his emotions conquer his desires and he faked himself by wearing that mask of happiness he so depressingly wears to hide those teary eyes that seek for the truth about love. He kept wandering, looking for that right thing in the wrong time at the wrong places.

He pretends being righteous by showing others he goes in that religious building yet he rejoices in the pleasure of his own hidden iniquity inside the room where he thought no one sees him. He does not want to admit that he has fallen short of my Father’s glory.

But its fine, I will one day smash that door in his heart and take away that precious idol he so lovingly protects so he may know that life reserved his place in his wandering heart.

Though he tries seeking me with a sincere soul, I have not yet given him the heart’s hunger for the true vine. He will long for it at my appointed time.

I am jealous for that idol he worships but one day, I will snatch it away and he will ask me in tears:

Who took it?” and I will answer “I AM
Why did you?” and I will answer “come and see
And I will give him this heart to ask:
How can I?” and I will answer “follow me

Until then I will watch him from a distance so he may grow knowing the experience of the flesh is nowhere better than experiencing me, his soon to be Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He will also ask me one day during our long walks:

Have you ever come to a point where you stopped looking for me?
and I will answer “See my hands and my feet? I did it for you because I know it will have to take my life for you to finally go back to me.
And tirelessly you will ask with a crying heart: “Why did you do this to yourself?
and I will answer “Because no matter how wretched you seem to be, I will always choose to forgive what you have done against me for I chose you and I love you before you even knew Me. And that is how much We love you my dear little sheep.“”

This is true love:

John 10:11 [emphasis mine]
11 I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

That the Master will give His life to save His servants.