In His death, we have found Life

I’ve lived my life trying to pile up the choices.
Must I work for all the money I can possess?
Should I seek for myself until my life is a success?
Can I find fulfillment in loving more than two fiances?

No! Woe to all of it! For I have died to all these temporary pleasures.
Money has no power over His sweet and loving Word.
Glory has nothing to do with my identity for I am under His sword.
Women are no longer an instrument for they also belong to our Lord.

It is by dying to ourselves that we will find Life.
It is when greed, pride, and lust are conquered because of His stripes.
It is when He finally comes in for our tears to be wiped
and finally tell us:
Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master!“.

The Magnificence of our Messiah

Our Messiah…

He is the Almighty eternal God.
He is powerful above everyone.
He is perfectly good in all He does.

Descended on this earth for men to have a Life to follow
and at the same time: to die for us, so we can truly follow.

What can men do in comparison to Him? Apart from Him, we are nothing!
He is the Lord of all and King of the Heavenly Kingdom.
He is above all dominion and power.
He is seated at the right hand of our glorious Father.

Such omnipotence that He even has control over the very air we breathe.
Such omnipresence that He sees the very core of our hearts and its intentions.
Such omniscience that He has complete knowledge of the complexity of how all men think.

And yet though He was in the form of God.
Though He created the very mouth we use to curse Him.
Though He gave us love without asking to us to love Him back.
Though He made us in His image which we use for own pleasure.

Despite all these divinities…

He humbled Himself by taking up the form of man’s flesh.
Having been merged with an earthly body.
Submitting to His Father when He carried the cross
as it shows that The Highest King will choose to die a criminal’s death
for a people who never wanted Him first.

Though He need not taste death for us.
Though He need not experience temptation of the flesh.
And He never deserved a criminal’s death

But because of His mercy and grace and love for you.
He laid all of Himself.
He lived the way we should’ve lived
He died the death we should’ve died
For the sole purpose of proving His gracious love which is now available for you

… even though He need not prove Himself to you at all.


The romance I no longer share and His Lasting Love that I love to speak of


My romance:

A rose I gave.
The scarlet color faded in time.
Petals meant for the lady I held dear.
Died in vain and only she has seen.

His lasting love:
He rose from the grave.
His scarlet blood lasts as His lifetime.
No petals.. Yet meant for everyone He holds dear.
Died for us so we can finally see.
Love of the created or the Creator?

Which of the two will you choose?
The cross or your loss?

John 11:25 [ESV]

25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,


A Letter to the King of kings and Lord of lords


A Letter to the King of kings and Lord of lords.
From the saint who has been redeemed by His infinite grace.

My Lord and my God. You possess all knowledge.
You created me even though You knew I could never know You
You gave me everything even though You knew I will never be satisfied
You waited patiently for me even though Your creation was my focus
You saved me even though You knew I would be disobedient

I was broken and I blamed You. Yet You still took care of me.
I was lost in my despair. Yet You chose to provide me a path to You.
I was unloving. Yet You gave me love.
I was boastful. Yet You served me.

How can this be, God?
That You would take my place for me.
That You would carry my shame on the cross.
That You would send Yourself to live with us only for You to die.
That You would choose the redemption of ungodly people rather than Your divine throne.

What kind of love is this?
Redeeming us from our iniquities.
Reminding us of Your loving promises.
Breaking us from the bondage of sin.
Providing us eternal life.

Nothing can ever go above Your standards, Mighty God.
Not the greatest definition of love from humans.
Not the wonderful treasures of this world.
Not the rich knowledge we acquire.
Not the impressive skills we are gifted with.

My gratitude is with You forever.
To the Father who sent His Son.
To the Son who gave Himself up.
To the Holy Spirit who abides in us.
To the mystery of Your nature.

With all these I praise You!

All Your saints cry out to You as we wait on the day of Your majestic return, my Lord and my God.
Psalm 113:1-3 [ESV]
Praise the Lord!

Praise, O servants of the Lord,
praise the name of the Lord!

Blessed be the name of the Lord
from this time forth and forevermore!
From the rising of the sun to its setting,
the name of the Lord is to be praised!


A Poem for a Lady named Raine


A friendly poem for the challenger,
Her name’s the sweet droplet of water.

She writes a series of great letter.
Time has folded and her literature only gets better.

The sound of her voice harmonizes the music altogether.
And for the lost and broken: “she is like a healer”.

She is well admired by the women who follow her.
For she is a daughter of the Mighty Counselour.

And if asked: “Of man and God, who is better”?
And her answer: “My heart is focused alone on the latter
not on the man who can only give a bread without butter.

Book review [7/10]: Found: God’s Peace

“Some people assume worry is the result of too much thinking. Actually, it’s the result of too little thinking in the right direction. If you know who God is and understand His purposes, promises, and plans, it will help you not to worry.”

-John Macarthur


It is of great sadness to learn that we, as Christians, forget that worrying is sin. This sin, which we often justify to feel, is what will be the end of our Christian joy. I got the book from OMFlit bookstore and I bought it because I heard it introduced all the time from Grace To You (sermons) application where I mostly listen to sermons for inductive Bible studies. In fact: because of the repetitiveness of that introduction in every sermon I hear from that app, I have memorized it and I sometimes even rehearse it (with the same speed and tone) every time I hear it. In case you want to see the transcript:

The following sermon is by John Macarthur, Pastor, Author, and the Bible teacher with grace to you. If you haven’t contacted grace to you we want to send you a free booklet by John called “Found: God’s Peace”. Its all about helping you defeat anxiety and know true and lasting contentment. Request your free booklet by writing to That’s p e a c e at g t y dot org. Offered good in North America and Europe through June of 2017. And now unleashing God’s truth one verse at a time, here’s Grace to You Bible teacher, John Macarthur.

Or if you want to hear it personally. Visit and listen to any sermon you can find there. Though the book is quite small (you can read it for a day) it will be dealing a lot with the heart by the use of God’s Word. The book in a sense tells us the reasons why Christians are not called for the worried life.

Rating: 7/10

I must say that the reason why I rated this book seven is because I felt as if there is something missing in this book that John Macarthur intentionally didn’t write for an unknown reason. If I am to guess what it is, it might be because he wants the reader to go for another one of his books called “Anxious For Nothing” to which he says it “goes deeper”. I expected the book to provide more details of Scriptures about how Christians can experience true peace, not exactly how to avoid being worried. Other than that, this book has helped me enhanced my prayer and thought life. One of my most favorite parts with how Macarthur explains (as always with his other books) is he gives a difference between the worldly experience and the godly experience. He makes it clear and always tells us that Christianity is indeed set apart. The peace we can experience is not the external acts we do (e.g. travel), it is Christ Himself, the Prince of Peace who decided to live in us. If I am given the time to read “Anxious for Nothing” I might just change and redo this review.

Will I recommend it?

Overall: John’s consistency with how he writes his books and his faithfulness to the Word of God is evident and though I have marked this as seven out of ten, I’d still recommend it. But I’ll also probably recommend that the reader will also read John’s “Anxious for nothing” before reviewing this.

Book review [10/10]: Spectacular Sins: And Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ

“Wimpy worldviews make wimpy Christians”

-John Piper

Spectacular Sins

This book has been and will be the worldview I will be holding regarding a specific subject to which we all have controversial questions with: sin. I was a new Christian when I bought this and this was the first Christian book I ever read and I cannot thank God more that it was the first book He allowed me to read. This may just be the reason why I decided that this book should be the first in line for my book reviews in my blog. As a new Christian back then, I took this book because the title has caught my attention since I had the question “How can a perfectly good God allow horrible events to fold?” before I even stumble to this book. One of the reasons why I bought this book is because the title made me think “Is there really something spectacular about sin?”. It has indeed answered a lot of questions to which I had ever since I was in grade school. This is why I love this book because it is not afraid of the questions (e.g.”Where was God when x event happened?”) to which we all fear be thrown to us if we stand in the Christian faith. If we fail to answer the questions that lingers in this current generation, we will fail to stand up for our Christian convictions and in the long run, our faith will surely be just for wimps.

Rating: 10/10

I am giving this book a perfect rating. I believe this book will make an impact to every Christian that is willing to grow more in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. It lives up to stay away from being a “wimpy” Christian and to answer the hard questions in light of God’s Word (and not human philosophy). It is a thoughtful book as well. Piper himself will honestly say that though the book has answered a lot of our questions, there will be those that cannot be answered. His humility spoke to me time and again that I am not omniscient like our God and I praise God that He is and I am not. With this: I learned that though His Word can answer the fundamental questions we humans have, it intentionally tells me that there are questions it leaves unanswered so as to tell me that I am in need to submit to God Himself and His wisdom alone.

Will I recommend it?

Definitely YES. To whom? To every fellow brother and sister in the faith. I will also recommend this to skeptical people (Christian or non-Christian). The Lord has truly used Piper to give His people the right knowledge of who He is and His sovereignty over all things.