An Epistle to the Lost

Greetings, this letter is from Peter Paul, a bond-servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been impressed by the Spirit of God to urge those who have fallen away from the faith. May God the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, give you strength, endurance, and perseverance.

To my dearest brothers and sisters in Christ who have ceased fighting the fight, stopped running the race, and lost the faith: I have always been praying for all of you. I may not understand the whole situation of why you have turned your back from Him and have strayed away from His Word but I am here to tell you that the Lord is asking you to go back so you may know that His love and holiness is the only way for your lives to have the true purpose we all seek. As the Lord Jesus have said:

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

My brothers and sisters, until when will you let the thief steal the truth from you? Has he fooled a lot of you to think that happiness and peace is found in this world? Let the devil be rebuked in the name of the Lord Jesus as I tell you these: No such thing in this world will give you the life you seek. You won’t find the life you’re seeking from the ones who give you love– as they themselves, along with us, are flawed by the iniquity caused by satan. Nor can you find it from the places you travel to– as those are only self-seeking experiences to know more about one’s self not knowing that the purpose of life is to know one’s identity in the Lord Jesus and to spread the true love He has provided through His sacrifice.

I encourage you my brethren that you stop letting satan fool you by leading you to the paradox of temporary self-satisfaction as they do not bring you eternal life nor does it give long-lasting fulfillment. I beseech you that you do not wait until the Lord Jesus spits you out of His mouth. For He knows whether you are hot or cold and you yourselves know that you are neither of the two, for you have become lukewarm. And you all know from the Scriptures that the Lord Jesus vomits out lukewarm faith for He considers it useless. Though the Lord is a loving God, consider that He is also Holy and He does not let His people remain unchanged. The Lord your God will change you for your own good because the Lord disciplines those he loves, as a father disciplines the son he delights in. As the scriptures say:

“Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish.”

The Lord Himself is our Father who corrects us despite our stubbornness. He will continue to pursue you until you yourselves are convicted that you have sinned against Him and need to go back to Him. I plead you to again take to heart the Good News you have first heard when you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior:

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”
Everyone, including you and me, deserves eternal damnation but because of the graciousness of the Father:
“For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit.”
I beg you that you go back, not for my sake rather for your own sake. As He is the Judge who will return for us and I beg you that you repent of your sins and start living for the Savior who has covered you by His blood. Do not take this lightly as I am very concerned for your souls. The Lord knows how tired you are by your endless search for filling the void in your hearts with the lies of the thief. Turn away from the thief and return to the love of your Savior and accept that apart from Him, you can do nothing. Your good works can never save you! So I ask of you to accept the Lord Jesus by faith alone as your only Savior. Lastly, test yourselves if you are truly in the faith:

“The Lord Jesus is coming back for you!”

If this scares you, repent and accept the gospel. If this enlightens you, press on towards maturity that the Holy Spirit provides. With these, I end my epistle and may you take this question with you:

“Am I sure that I am going to heaven?”

May the Lord be with your Spirit and may His grace be with all of you.

Author’s Note: The epistle may have spoken to you but what bothered me most is that this epistle spoke so strongly to me. I have become lukewarm in my walk with the Lord Jesus and I have lost my way without me even knowing it. Yet I still praise God because the blessing itself is seen in this wonderful conviction knowing that the Lord disciplines those He loves and I know that I have full confidence that I am one of those He loves, are you one of those He love as well?

The Magnificence of our Messiah

Our Messiah…

He is the Almighty eternal God.
He is powerful above everyone.
He is perfectly good in all He does.

Descended on this earth for men to have a Life to follow
and at the same time: to die for us, so we can truly follow.

What can men do in comparison to Him? Apart from Him, we are nothing!
He is the Lord of all and King of the Heavenly Kingdom.
He is above all dominion and power.
He is seated at the right hand of our glorious Father.

Such omnipotence that He even has control over the very air we breathe.
Such omnipresence that He sees the very core of our hearts and its intentions.
Such omniscience that He has complete knowledge of the complexity of how all men think.

And yet though He was in the form of God.
Though He created the very mouth we use to curse Him.
Though He gave us love without asking to us to love Him back.
Though He made us in His image which we use for own pleasure.

Despite all these divinities…

He humbled Himself by taking up the form of man’s flesh.
Having been merged with an earthly body.
Submitting to His Father when He carried the cross
as it shows that The Highest King will choose to die a criminal’s death
for a people who never wanted Him first.

Though He need not taste death for us.
Though He need not experience temptation of the flesh.
And He never deserved a criminal’s death

But because of His mercy and grace and love for you.
He laid all of Himself.
He lived the way we should’ve lived
He died the death we should’ve died
For the sole purpose of proving His gracious love which is now available for you

… even though He need not prove Himself to you at all.


of Two Strong Desires


The lust speaks:

“Can I really seek?
A god so sick!”

“Let me instead have fun with myself or a chick
so I may feel fulfilled for the rest of the week!”

The Love who spoke:

“For your sake, I have proclaimed:
‘You may now seek
Even if you are sick.’”

“I died for I am jealous for that chick
and I lived so you can fight temptation even if you are weak”
“of two strong desires, which will you take?
For lust is but of flesh and images.
But My love is eternal and it is far beyond imagination.”
“Remember that I am a jealous God for I created you to be mine and that same lady you lusted for is also mine. And the very mind you use to imagine such things is also mine. And I created both of you so you may enjoy Me and be satisfied in Me alone.”

Of God and His poet


He is no delusion
Nor mere empty religion.
His presence has more documentation
Than that of their so called evolution.
Jesus, the Son of God’s incarnation
none of Him is or will ever be an illusion.

His story has an explanation
even before the reformation:
Mankind has sinned, it is our dangerous infection
that will lead us to hell, our eternal damnation.
But He who knew no sin carried our condemnation
By the means of Rome’s brutal crucifixion.
After three days, he showed us His resurrection.
“He is risen!” said by those of the salvation.
He brought us near to God in reconciliation
And because of these we are now part of His justification.

Raising my hands in adoration,
I cry out tears of joy knowing I am now in Your possession.
Persecution may come but it cannot remove my election.
Though it hurts I will desire Your sanctification!
And till the end I shall plead in tears for the saints’ glorification!
And once we’re with Him, let us worship and enjoy in the culmination.

-Celebrating two years as a follower of the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus the Messiah.

The romance I no longer share and His Lasting Love that I love to speak of


My romance:

A rose I gave.
The scarlet color faded in time.
Petals meant for the lady I held dear.
Died in vain and only she has seen.

His lasting love:
He rose from the grave.
His scarlet blood lasts as His lifetime.
No petals.. Yet meant for everyone He holds dear.
Died for us so we can finally see.
Love of the created or the Creator?

Which of the two will you choose?
The cross or your loss?

John 11:25 [ESV]

25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,


Bible Navigation


Have you ever been in a Christian fellowship gathering where the preacher, at the middle of his on-fire preaching, then asks of you to read a passage from the Bible to which you have no idea where to locate in your Bible? Then this material is specially for you. I once was placed in that situation when I was a new Christian with a “just currently-bought Bible” back then. And to tell you honestly, it was a very embarrassing moment because it took me two minutes to find it in the middle of his preaching. But above all the embarrassing moment, I want to encourage you to learn this so that you may be seasoned with Scriptures as God calls us to be.”

Colossians 3:16a [Emphasis mine]
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly

The purpose of Bible Navigation is to teach the reader how to easily navigate the whole book of the Bible by using the table of contents. A new reader will easily misunderstand that the books of the Bible are arranged in a chronological order. And this is why the author shared this material: So that those who have a growing desire to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ through the Word may be enlightened as to what the book of contents of the Bible is really telling us. The author’s prayer is that this will not remain as a knowledge for the readers to gain but also for the hearts of the readers to be burdened to share this information to those whom they see willing to learn.

The Bible is one grandiose story that is composed of two divisions called the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is composed of sixty-six books and has forty-plus authors. Old Testament having thirty nine books and New Testament having twenty seven books. One can easily memorize the numbers by simply knowing the number of books the Old Testament has.

39 (OT books)
3 x 9 = 27 (NT books)
39 + 27 = 66 (OT + NT)

*Get a pen and Bible and proceed to the book of contents. Place a bracket from Book A to Book E and write down the pointer of the bracket “Title A”

The format should look like this:

Book A- Book E : Title A

and it will look like this in your Bible:

Write down the “Title” in your Bible according to the list below:

Old Testament:
Genesis – Deuteronomy : Torah (The Law)
Joshua – Esther : History of Israel
Job – Song of Solomon : Poetry & Wisdom
Isaiah – Daniel : Major Prophets
Hosea – Malachi : Minor Prophets

New Testament:
Matthew – John : Gospels
Acts : History of the early church
Romans – Philemon : Paulian Epistles
Hebrews – Jude : General Epistles
Revelation : The Glory of the coming Jesus Christ!

Once you’re done, you can now enjoy navigating through God’s Word easier. With these in mind, you will be more effective in knowing how to use the Scriptures. This material will also make it easier for you to memorize all the books of the Bible (Note: Not the Bible rather the book of contents). And now you know all these, let me challenge you to take a step up in knowing God’s Word:

  1. Memorize the book of contents.
  2. Make your own reading plan.
  3. Create your own cross-references.
  4. If you haven’t finished the Bible yet, finish it but never stop studying it.
  5. Most importantly: share this knowledge to others.

To enlighten you, this isn’t the only Bible navigation available to us. Personally, I mixed mine with another group’s Bible navigation/categorization (The Bible Project’s) into my book of contents as well. I encourage that you also find other good and reliable resources other than this as I would love to also learn together with you. I hope that someday your Bible’s book of contents will look better than this:

It is amazing to see that even the book of contents has been used by God as a way to make it easier for us to understand and memorize His Word. May this knowledge bless you and your reading of His Word.

Prayer: Father, I pray that whoever reads this material will not just make this knowledge reach to their heads. May it reach to their hearts and to those whom You called them to minister as well and may all of them apply it and share it so that the world may know the richness of Your Word that truly satisfies and I also pray that they may have the desire to be more rooted in love with You, may they take this knowledge as a treasure to carry in their hearts. We do not worship the Word but we exalt it for it all points to Your Son, Our Savior, Lord, and Shepherd, Jesus Christ the King! In His name we pray. Amen.

Special thanks to:
1. The Triune God who has inspired me to keep teaching and sharing the Word.
2. Bible Study Fellowship for the seminar about Bible Navigation.
3. The Bible Project for being a blessing to share how to study God’s Word.