In awe of my King, Messiah, and God: Jesus Christ

This long awaited King
who rules the heavenly hosts,
breathed life into this world
He arrived as The Messiah
Carrying the greatest news for men
Like the prophets foretold
But who would have thought
This King who is The Messiah
chose to be man in flesh

Rightful King to His people
Yet chose to die by their hands
Deserving to be crowned with riches
Yet chose to be crowned with thorns
All worthy to be praised and worshiped
Yet chose to be mocked and spitted on.
All these for love and justice to be satisfied.
And in His sacrifice, we now have reconciliation with God.

Indeed who would have thought that a perfect sinless Being
will want to search for such dirty sinners like you and me.

-Inspired by the “Who would have dreamed” song by Sovereign Grace Music.

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