Of God and His poet


He is no delusion
Nor mere empty religion.
His presence has more documentation
Than that of their so called evolution.
Jesus, the Son of God’s incarnation
none of Him is or will ever be an illusion.

His story has an explanation
even before the reformation:
Mankind has sinned, it is our dangerous infection
that will lead us to hell, our eternal damnation.
But He who knew no sin carried our condemnation
By the means of Rome’s brutal crucifixion.
After three days, he showed us His resurrection.
“He is risen!” said by those of the salvation.
He brought us near to God in reconciliation
And because of these we are now part of His justification.

Raising my hands in adoration,
I cry out tears of joy knowing I am now in Your possession.
Persecution may come but it cannot remove my election.
Though it hurts I will desire Your sanctification!
And till the end I shall plead in tears for the saints’ glorification!
And once we’re with Him, let us worship and enjoy in the culmination.

-Celebrating two years as a follower of the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus the Messiah.


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