Book review [10/10]: Preaching The Cross

“If each is a true Christian teacher, then each has been commissioned by the same master with the same message for the same purpose—glorifying God by proclaiming His reign.”

-Mark E. Dever


It has been of great delight to be saved, what more if God entrusts you to share the same message of His good news (to which all believers are called for) that also saved you. This book has a strong word for what the cross is. It mainly tackles the subjects that has the cross as its root: The life of the messenger (of the Gospel), Justification by faith alone, Glory of the Gospel, and the need to preach Christ regardless of what culture or generation we are in. It is quite hard to rate a book with different authors (as this book is sourced from the 2006 Together for the Gospel conference). The book has authors (some even heroes, for me it’s John Macarthur) sharing their love for the Word of God and how important it is to both have it in mind and in heart. I love how each author considers the other authors, for example: C.J. Mahaney’s chapter solely deals with the quality of character of a messenger of God’s Word and does not focus much about sound doctrine as he himself said “Because the rest of the book aims to equip pastors in sound doctrine, there is little need for me to elaborate on that here”. A book that also reveals a character’s heart makes the book more trustworthy. Aside from that, one expectation has not been met: I didn’t learn a technique how to preach the cross. And I think it is totally great that I didn’t because the message inside this book (which is mostly about the Word, Christ, theology, and culture) is sufficiently enough to teach us what information we need in order to deliver a sound preaching of the cross. I think its more of a “what” to preach, not “how” to preach. I truly believe our methods of preaching may be different but it has to be as sound as the same way Jesus did it, and with this I feel that the authors here tell us “what” to preach is a lot more important than “how” to preach.

Rating: 10/10

I was at first struggling to give it a 10/10 but after wrestling with R.C. Sproul regarding his chapter (Justification by Faith) to which I had a hard time understanding probably due to lack of proper foundation of how I understand the subject given, I finally understood it (after reading it again). But most importantly I gave it a 10/10 as this book may just become my mirror whenever (if ever) God will give me the opportunity to preach His Word.

Will I recommend this?
Absolutely yes! To whom? To all those who are in the Christian faith who want to learn sound doctrine and to those who want to learn how to live as a messenger of God’s Word.


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