Book review [9/10]: Forgotten God


I thought that this book will be more on descriptions of who the Holy Spirit is and why He has been forgotten. To my surprise, I found out that it goes beyond that as Francis Chan will help you experience Him as well. After reading this book, my idea about the Holy Spirit has not just become an entity which you cannot interact with in an intimate and personal way, the same way with Jesus and His Father. He is a “who” after all not a “what”. How Francis Chan speaks and shares his life has made this book more believable in my opinion. And in his life, we can trust that this book is not from his experiences alone but also from the very Word of God itself because I noticed that he will make you read chapters from His Word to make sure you open your very own Bible. He also doesn’t ignore the fact that if we’re going to learn to live by the Spirit, we will need theology, one that is grounded in the Scriptures. In a Christian setting where people think truth and love is like a seesaw, Francis Chan bluntly tells us its a need to know theology (and that theology is one of a humble one yet not watering down the truth). This book has been one of the most uncomfortable books I’ve read yet one that has a strong impact on who I believe The Holy Spirit is.

Rating: 9/10

I gave this book a high rating because it lived with the title and also the structure of this book is unique and very interactive. Francis Chan not only provides his viewpoint of his opinions regarding the Word of God but also gives real life examples, and one of the best pages here is when he provides stories of other fellow saints from old to the recent generation. The stories of the saints in this book has encouraged me that the Holy Spirit does really work in us, while the Word of God alone is our reliable source of truth, it also helps to see if there really are people living by the promises God has provided in His Word. This interactive book will make you indeed learn a lot about the Holy Spirit both in knowledge and in application.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. To whom? To those who have believed the gospel already. I cannot fully recommend this book to someone who is not yet a Christian. For what reason? Better if you read crazy love (by Francis Chan as well) first.


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