Feelings Fade & Flowers Die


So what is love?

It is like..
An abused word.
In a broken world.

It is like..
Felt when one’s own feelings are temporarily satisfied.
Spoken with flattery words by a person who is blind of the downside.
Just like when a bouquet was given and you felt like you’re in for the ride
But after a week, all of its flowers along with the feelings, died.
The bankruptcy of this “love” defined by men is so shallowly justified.

So what then is Love?

It is absolutely
from The Word.
It comes from The Lord.

It isn’t even a feeling!
Because it is an act of self-sacrifice.
Having unfathomable will to pay the price
In order for others to experience life as a slice.
Love can easily be “said” twice
But true love is “done” more than thrice

…And it can only be made possible by the power of Christ.

And with a gentle tone I say:
If you know that True Love is from the Lord
Do you even read His Word?

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