Book review [10/10]: Spectacular Sins: And Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ

“Wimpy worldviews make wimpy Christians”

-John Piper

Spectacular Sins

This book has been and will be the worldview I will be holding regarding a specific subject to which we all have controversial questions with: sin. I was a new Christian when I bought this and this was the first Christian book I ever read and I cannot thank God more that it was the first book He allowed me to read. This may just be the reason why I decided that this book should be the first in line for my book reviews in my blog. As a new Christian back then, I took this book because the title has caught my attention since I had the question “How can a perfectly good God allow horrible events to fold?” before I even stumble to this book. One of the reasons why I bought this book is because the title made me think “Is there really something spectacular about sin?”. It has indeed answered a lot of questions to which I had ever since I was in grade school. This is why I love this book because it is not afraid of the questions (e.g.”Where was God when x event happened?”) to which we all fear be thrown to us if we stand in the Christian faith. If we fail to answer the questions that lingers in this current generation, we will fail to stand up for our Christian convictions and in the long run, our faith will surely be just for wimps.

Rating: 10/10

I am giving this book a perfect rating. I believe this book will make an impact to every Christian that is willing to grow more in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. It lives up to stay away from being a “wimpy” Christian and to answer the hard questions in light of God’s Word (and not human philosophy). It is a thoughtful book as well. Piper himself will honestly say that though the book has answered a lot of our questions, there will be those that cannot be answered. His humility spoke to me time and again that I am not omniscient like our God and I praise God that He is and I am not. With this: I learned that though His Word can answer the fundamental questions we humans have, it intentionally tells me that there are questions it leaves unanswered so as to tell me that I am in need to submit to God Himself and His wisdom alone.

Will I recommend it?

Definitely YES. To whom? To every fellow brother and sister in the faith. I will also recommend this to skeptical people (Christian or non-Christian). The Lord has truly used Piper to give His people the right knowledge of who He is and His sovereignty over all things.


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